Living Seasonal Through the Holidays

Today is Thanksgiving. There are gorgeous, soft, puffy flakes of snow drifting slowly from the sky, putting us all in a snow globe of winter wonderland. The resort I work for is officially open and town is starting to fill up with visitors itching for their first turns! Decorations are going up around town, cinnamon flavors on every menu and spirits in the community start to grow. The holidays are officially upon us!

Whether this is your first holiday away from home or your 10th, this time of year can be a trying one. Work requires you to stay put leaving little to no time to even think about visiting family. You may even be feeling homesick or questioning your life decisions right about now. Lucky for you, living in a seasonal environment means almost everyone else is in the same boat too! Some of my best holidays spent have been with friends who truly, over the years, have become more than that. They’ve become family. So gather up your friends and plan a holiday get together! Here are a few tips to help you make it through and get over the lingering “home sick” feelings.

friendsgivingFriendsgiving – aka, Thanksgiving but with friends! There’s no better way to spend the holiday away from family than with a big group of friends. Plan a potluck, asking everyone to bring a dish and forget nice table settings or seating assignments. Instead throw out some cheap, thrift store plates and silverware, some pillows on the floor and don’t forget those boxes of wine! Enjoy time spent with great people – they may just become your family away from home!

Facetime – just because your miles away from family doesn’t mean you can’t still “be with them” for the holiday! Plan a Facetime date, grab that glass of champagne and cheers to celebrating those you love!

pen pal

‘Ol Fashion Letters – who doesn’t love receiving mail! And what’s better than a gift from the heart? Head out to a local art shop and pick up some local stationery or card set. Tap into your creative side, make a small homemade gift (perhaps an ornament or wall decoration) and write a thoughtful letter. Take it a step further by placing some blank stationery in the letter and asking for one back! A good pen pal is never a bad thing

Pick up extra hours at work– You’ll keep busy which helps keep your mind off home and not to mention all that extra cash! Start planning early because that extra dough means “Hello Thailand Vacation” for mud season!


humane society

Volunteer – With all that extra time not having to run around visiting family back home why not do something good with it? Volunteer at a local humane society or food shelf. You’ll feel great for putting in time making some one else’s holiday that more special, and kisses from a four-legged friend is never a bad thing!

Invite family out to visit – You do live in a beautiful place after all – so switch up tradition and create a new one!


Presents – Round up some work peeps and draw from a hat…Secret Santa is always a fun way to ensure you’ll all be opening presents around Christmas and a great way to get to know people in your area. You can also ask your family from back home to hold off on sending presents until close to Christmas and then try and do your best to not tear into them too early! Lastly, why not just buy yourself a gift – treat YOself! Afterall, you know yourself best and doesn’t that new ski jacket just look Oh So Nice? Come on, you deserve it!

Schedule the holidays around work – have Christmas on December 18th instead. It doesn’t always have to be about the date. Holidays mean spending time with those you love or doing something you love!


Hit the town – Time to check out your fun community and experience a new restaurant or happy hour! Sometimes restaurants put on specials for those that don’t have loved ones to spend the holiday with. Group dinners and gatherings pop up everywhere – just be on the lookout! Not to mention, you don’t have to cook!!!


All-in-all, the holidays are supposed to be fun, exciting and a time spent with the ones you love. Whether that be family, friends or a significant other or heck, that adorable little kitten…make the holidays what you want. Homesick happens but the more you get out and explore and find friends to spend the time with, the more you’ll realize home is where you make it


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