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What’s Your Next Adventure…Pros and Cons to Living Seasonal

Earlier this week I was selected to interview with Cayla Vidmar with Crested Butte Mountain Resort. I had the opportunity to share my living seasonal experiences, talk up working at CBMR and how to take that first step into a beautiful new lifestyle 🙂 Below are my Pros and Cons to Living Seasonal and a link to the full interview, by Cayla, on Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s website. Check it out!

Image created by Cayla Vidmar

Image created by Cayla Vidmar

Pros and Cons to Living Seasonal


  • Relationships: Meet true characters and visionaries from around the world, while expanding your network—you’ll have friends for life.
  • Location:You work where people vacation—the most unique and beautiful locations around the world.Then, move on to the next amazing destination—your Instagram followers will be so #Jealous.
  • Time off:You work hard and make good money for 4-6 months, then have 1-2 months at the end of each season to go play, travel, and rejuvenate.  You’ll have the time and resources to truly see the places you travel to, instead of rushing through the standard 5 day vacation.
  • Simplifying: You take everything you own and consolidate to make frequent moves easier—or, if you’re like Jessica, you make everything fit into a Subaru and call it good.You learn to appreciate things—like running water when you live in the remote backcountry.
  • Bettering Yourself:You go through the loneliest and happiest moments of life and get through it on your own.You’ll grow up, learn independence and have some pretty enlightening experiences.


  • Relationships: Love can be difficult to find when you’re moving frequently, its also difficult to convince a partner to pick up and move every 6 months.
  • Loneliness: Moving to a place where you don’t know anyone is incredibly difficult if you’re not a social person—but what an opportunity to branch out and challenge yourself!
  • Stability:Moving frequently prevents growing roots to a place, and your life can feel stressful and unsecure at times.
  • Work Environment: Seasonal work can be very busy and stressful. It could mean working long hours and many days in a row, which can be draining.(Stay tuned for next week’s blog post on Snowmaking for insight into this particular seasonal position!).
  • Finances:Saving money can be difficult during off-season, especially when you’re traveling the world.However, creating a budget that includes travel and a bit of saving can make all the difference.

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